use video to capture and keep your audience


A picture is worth a thousand words video is worth a million

Why is video essential?

ffwd-tVideo is the best way to engage people with your services or brand, and is a great way to deliver interesting content to a target audience.

ffwd-tIt is the most effective way to communicate, educate, entertain, and market your products and services.

ffwd-tIt can help drive more traffic to your site, can educate users or attract new customers.
The possibilities and power of video are endless.

ffwd-tVideo not only engages and reassures customers, it also leads to higher sales, reduced return rates, lower operating costs and less abandoned shopping carts.

ffwd-tVideo transmits the most information in the shortest amount of time.
It can become one of the most efficient new business tools in your toolbox.


71.6% of web users watch online video content per week. 39% of which spend between 1-5 hours with video content.

Burst Media

How are you connecting to your audience?

ffwd-tAs the internet gets even more crowded and we continue to be bombarded with messages and noise, you have to find new ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

ffwd-tYou have to create engaging content that people want to share, so you can build and keep your audience.

ffwd-tYou have to find ways to increase awareness of, and engagement with, your brand, products or services.

Cut through the noise and get noticed

ffwd-tVideo is proving to be highly effective and one of the most powerful tools available to engage views and influence behaviour.

ffwd-tThe most powerful way to engage an audience and grow your business is by telling stories with a purpose, that inspires people to take action.

ffwd-tVideo has become the primary tool to build your business and brand, yet understanding the power of video and how to use it effectively is still confusing to many.


Investing in online video is no longer optional. Today's viewer is not just passively sitting and watching - they're sharing, talking, clicking.

Stephanie Sarofian, Digitas

Where do you start?

ffwd-tBefore you create a video you should be thinking why, what, how and what if...?

ffwd-tYou need to have a strategy for distributing your videos and engaging your audience.

ffwd-tYou have to define how you will measure the success of your videos.

ffwd-tYou have to offer value and call people to action.